The Doctor returns

On April 26th, the whole crew of Dr Mabuse Live&Spacial Experience embarked on a journey to perform in the beautiful Cinémathèque de la Ville de Luxembourg. What a fantastic welcome we received, in a true temple of cinema, under the kindly gaze of an almost live-size painting of mister Fritz Lang himself. It was a pleasure to play in front of such an international audience, both through the vibrant maelstrom of a rock concert and the strange resonance of many of Mabuse's theme with our day and age: hypnosis and control, stock market manipulation and fake news, and the implacable shadow of authoritarianism.

"Discover Fritz Lang’s “Dr Mabuse” through an immersive rock and psychedelic film concert. Featuring a new score revitalizing Fritz Lang's first masterpiece for modern audiences. Get carried away to Berlin in the Roaring Twenties through a 16 speakers experience which spatializes the world of the elusive, criminal genius, Doctor Mabuse."

The Luxembourg Times